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A Win Amongst Hate

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Hate is a very strong word that’s used much too casually these days. However, it is completely appropriate in the following statement: The Cleveland Cavaliers fans hate LeBron James. Each time LeBron touched the ball last night, it was amidst a cacophony of boos. I’d liken it to a playoff atmosphere, except I have never seen a playoff game with that much fan intensity. And poor LeBron, you could really see how it affected him…eh maybe not. With chalk flying near the scorer’s table, Bron ended up with 38 points for a Heat win; a good days work for the team. Also, notice how Lebron stayed away from the guard position last night? Could Spoelstra finally be realizing that LeBron works better in the forward spot? Have to admit, it’s a step in the right direction for Spoelstra and his learning how to best use his players. I still have no faith that he “gets it”, and even if he did, that’s still just one of his many problems.


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