Fire Coach Spoelstra!!

Keep the Heat Hot!

About Us

We are proud fans and supporters of the Miami Heat. For too long now, the program has been entangled in mediocrity. Now, at a time when the Heat should be THE dominant team in the NBA, we sit just two games above .500. This is unacceptable given the talent on this team. We have had enough! So in the true spirit of a grassroots movement, we’ve created this website in order to give a voice to everyone who feels as we do. We are the ones who buy tickets. We are the ones who cheer at the games. We are the ones who buy jerseys. Without us, there would be no team! We should have a chance to let everyone know that we DEMAND a real coach NOW!

We do not believe Erik Spoelstra is the Anti-Christ. To the contrary, he seems truly likable, and has great potential to become a star NBA coach IN A FEW YEARS. We just aren’t willing to wait that long. This team has an incredible level of talent, all it needs is an experienced and proven coach to harness it and lead the Heat to victory.

This team was assembled for one purpose: to win multiple championships. However, while the pieces may be there, the leadership is not. Change starts from above. Fire Coach Spoelstra. Go Heat.