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Heat Win Tonight, Still 5th Though

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Well, as much as you might want to celebrate a Heat win tonight, you have to understand that some wins don’t mean as much as others.  Tonight the Heat had a solid showing against the Pistons, but take a look at standings and you’ll quickly realize that Miami’s still a mediocre 5th in the Eastern Conference and that Detroit is still a sub .400 team.  So while a win’s a win, the Heat’s performance tonight doesn’t really translate into much.

Meanwhile, when the Heat’s schedule was released the first thing pretty much everyone did was look down the list to find out when Miami vs. Cleveland would take place.  That day would be tomorrow.  So with everyone excited about tomorrow night’s showing, let’s clear up some questions that people are wondering about.

Will Lebron perform his pre-game chalk ritual?

Yep, amidst a sustained and unanimous boo.  Make no mistake, it will happen.  It will happen because Lebron won’t allow himself to appear weak.  People in Cleveland already hate ‘Bron, so it won’t really change things when he throws the chalk.  What WOULD change things is if he holds it back – it wouldn’t endear him to the Cleveland fans, just make him appear weak.  Chalk WILL fly tomorrow.

Will Lebron James have a fight with a fan?

Not a chance.  He won’t be happy about what they’ll be saying and the gestures he’ll undoubtedly encounter, but Lebron is too professional to get involved.  This isn’t an Artest situation.

Will the Heat win?

It’s going to be a very passionate game for Cleveland.  The entire city wants a win and the Cav’s players all know that.  If Miami wins, it won’t really mean much either way.  If they lose however, it would be momentous for Cleveland and disastrous for Miami.  If the Heat play to their potential, they’ll destroy Cleveland…but on that note, if they played to their potential they wouldn’t have lost a game this season.  It’s not an easy call either way, and I certainly hope it’ll be just a quiet Heat win, but with the hopes of an entire city on their back the Cavs may actually take this one.

Also of note – all of the heat players keep backing Spo when they’re questioned about it.  As Shakespeare might say: They doth protest too much, methinks.


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    nah, u got it wrong. cavs may play passionate, but SO WILL LEBRON!

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