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The “Bump”

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Spoelstra has lost his players’ respect.  And if the Heat’s on-court performances weren’t enough to demonstrate this, Lebron’s Saturday night bump certainly did.  After a terrible on court sequence against the Mavs, a time out is called during which ‘Bron clearly bumps Spo while walking to the bench.  Take a look at the video above.

Spoelstra claims not to have even noticed the bump…which explains why he spun halfway around after it happened…which explains the look he had on his face…which explains why he met with Lebron for 30 minutes before the Wizards game.  Didn’t notice it.  Suuuuurrrreee.

James says he’s “got Spo’s back”.  But the King has made his decree.  Doesn’t look good for Spo.


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    Yep, spoelstra’s full of s**t. You know he felt that hit

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